Did you know that the food you eat directly impacts your meditation experience? If you aren’t, we are here to tell you how food affects your body and what are the best foods for meditators.


Food and Meditation

Foods affect your energy and thought. Similarly, the food you eat determines the ability of your mind to focus and relax. Meditation requires your mind to be clear and quiet. Hence, certain foods can help you gain a clear mind and a calm body. But, a toxic diet such as alcohol or processed foods may produce a bad signal in your brain which spoils your meditation experience.

So, what is the right food for a better meditation experience?

Sattvic Diet

In Ayurvedic tradition, a sattvic diet is considered the most suitable foods for a human. Sattvic diet includes ripe fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes. According to ancient Indian Rishis, Sages, and meditators, this diet makes you spiritually inclined and aids you in getting a deeper state of meditation.

Sattvic Diet includes ripe fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, and legumes.
Sattvic Diet

It is equally essential to have a sattvic diet in the right portion. Do not over-eat or under-eat.

Meditation should be a divine experience that connects you with your inner being. Hot spicy foods, meats, alcohol, and caffeine aren’t good for your well-being; neither for meditation. So, avoid them.

5 Foods that can uplift your meditation experience

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables: Fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamins and minerals. They boost your concentration and glucose level, which aids your meditation experience.

2. Dark chocolate: A square or two of dark chocolate will improve blood flow in your brain. Proper blood flow boosts your memory and concentration.

3. Almonds: They are full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This perfect snack will keep your energy up throughout the day. Plus, almonds increase brain activity which may engage you in profound meditation practice.

5 foods that can uplift your mediation experience
1. Fruits and vegetables
2. Dark Chocolate
3. Almonds
4. Water
5. Green Smoothies
5 Foods For Better Meditation Experience

4. Water: Water replenishes your energy. Drinking a glass of water before meditation rehydrates your brain, body and provides you with a better focus.

5. Green smoothies: Green smoothies are great drinks to boost your brain. To make these smoothies you can use leafy greens, celery, cucumber and other veggies(add your own choices).

Stay away from non-sattvic diet
Make sure you do not spoil your progress by taking non-sattvic diets(meats, alcohol, caffeine, and junk foods).

Do not spoil your progress by taking non-sattvic diet.
Do not take non-sattvic diets such as meat, alcohol, caffeine etc


Keep these given points in mind for a divine and spiritually uplifting meditation experience.

  1. Food affects your mood and energy.
  2. Food directly alters your meditation experience.
  3. The traditional yoga diet sattvic diet are the most suitable diet for meditation.
  4. Sattvic diet includes ripe fruits and vegetables which promotes peace of mind and tranquility in the eaters.
  5. Eat your diet in the right portion.
  6. Avoid the non-sattvic diet(junk foods, alcohol, smoking etc)
5 Foods for Better Meditation Experience

Do you know more foods that can boost the meditation experience? Please share them with us.

Good luck with your meditation.


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